Thursday, 17 February 2011

In Praise of Iain Duncan-Smith

Didn't expect that today did you?

Today is the day that the Department of Work and Pensions announce their flagship reforms of the benefit system, We've all lobbied and urged and dissected, and there are details in the bill that are ill thought out and ignorant. They will cause suffering and hardship and I hope with all my heart that we can persuade the government to modify them .

Nonetheless, Mr Duncan-Smith is not your average politician. He spent years on council estates and in job centres asking ordinary people how the system fails and asking what could be done to improve it.

And he listened.

Simplifying the benefit system into one payment is a stunningly good idea. Tapering benefits when the claimant finds work is even more brilliant.

When people decide to work in politics I believe passionately that most do so to make the country a better place. Sometimes they may be misguided, sometimes they will make spectacular mistakes, but sometimes they will get something right. Just one idea like IDSs might leave the country a better place for generations. On the whole, politicians are not all cheats and liars. They're good people who want to make a difference.

I will carry on fighting the damaging details until I can't fight any more. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that IDS will too. Most of the failings of today's Welfare Reform Bill are inflicted by the treasury and caused by a lack of financial will on Osborne's part to see real reform through as IDS might like.

Just because something is flawed, that doesn't mean that the idea isn't basically sound. Campaigners who focus on the good at the same time as highlighting the bad stand much more chance of being heard. So don't let today get you down. Focus on the potential of a great idea, and we'll all go back to changing the details tomorrow.


  1. I'd like to think that IDS is a Tory with a heart. There is, I know, a dichotomy between his cut-glass Sandhurst credentials and accent and his involvement with social justice - but I don't think the 'posh' veneer should detract from what he sincerely set out to do. As you say, he seems to have listened (as quiet men often do) and taken heed of the vox pop. You and others will know that I constantly rail against the Tory philosophy, but I'm willing to give IDS the benefit of the doubt. Like you I believe the basis of his reform has been researched in good faith. Just a pity he isn't allied to a different party or he would have received much more support in his efforts.

  2. I don't take much interest in social reform, as you know, (I've got you to do it), environment is what gets me going). I have been mystified about the praise for IDS on these blogs, but because it is coming form you, I will join your fan club, until it is proven that you are misguided.

    That's probably why I can only come up with the protest ideas, but with the background of what government thugs are doing to people in the Middle East, perhaps that was not very good advice. I keep thinking of that poor fellow outside the B of E who was mercilessly chopped down.

    As you know, I am a Lib Dem. Is there anything short and to the point you could put on here that I could email him with that would cover the points in the Bill you would like changed (the Osborne bits for instance)?

  3. Him being Steve Webb. Sorry so forgetful.

  4. Out for most of today, but that's a good idea, I'll get onto it later Howard, thanks.

  5. I admire the faith you all share in IDS, but I fear I cannot share them.

    I cannot stand in admiration for a man that continually pays out millions of pounds in public money to help the unemployed get back to work, only to achieve a result where only 8% gain full-time sustainable employment. I am of cours talking about our welfare to work industry and the funding they receive from government.

    I refuse to admire a man who will trash the needs of the sick and disabled by cutting DLA.

    I will not accept that 'marriage' is always the best solution for all people and that unmarried, single mothers can't rear healthy, stable and successful kids.

    No, IDS still has a long way to go before I send him roses.

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  6. Yep, I'm with Tacitus. IDS is as bad if not worse than the rest of the Tories, precisely because he has spent time with the needy.

    And yet still allows the rhetoric around them to be offensive and intended to whip vitriol and public anger. He constantly conflates the family on benefits churning out babies like the Duggars with the 75 year widow with the people like us who are long term ill. This is designed to create the impression that we are all scroungers living high on the hog's back, but it also means that when it come down to it IDS himself confuses these groups so much that he can't see the differing needs of a single mum and a chronically ill person in a partnership.

    There just aren't enough details about the Universal Credit but if the unemployed and sick are to be treated the same, I suspect the sick are going to lose out. Unless they still differentiate between the actively seeking work and the ill, how will the ill still get things like Cold Weather Payments and free prescriptions? Or do they go down to the level of the current JSA claimant, because you know for sure they aren't going to raise their standard of living.

    Also while the whole thing is based round paying out money to the greedy hands of Atos and A4E then I do not have nay time for IDS. He should know better, but he just thinks he's better than us claimants because he's still giving us the whole bootstraps rhetoric and marriage spiel at every opportunity.

    He's also not working with big business and giving them a reason to employ the disabled, just allowing the hate to be whipped up to the point that they will be further penalised in job interviews. It's this constant paradox between helping people and telling them it's all their fault they need help.

  7. Thats the secret why would a firm take on a disabled person , if you look to day at IDS he sounds like Blair and Purnell.

    Simple fact if your looking for somebody to work in an office you will want the best person for the job, now if a disabled person has been on the sick for twenty years you have to ask your self why, and why the hell an employer wants him/her.

    Then again it's those poor old tax payers that IDS want to help why should they pay for the sick disabled on IB, hold on it you worked you paid the part of the NI stamp which was for insurance, if the NI stamps to cheap put it up.

    But in the end all we have hear is lovers of the Tory party giving praise to an idiot who would lie to his mother, come on boys over the top it's for your country you know, hold on I've not been for a shit yet you carry on.

    The universal credits how many believe it will be the same money as IB, come on be honest, what nobody.

    It's about cuts to benefit to help those poor old bankers

  8. It's good of you to speak out in favour of IDS Sue, both here and on Labourlist.

    On that note, sounds like you've had a small, half-victory

    Seems the government is taking a step back from removing mobility component from those in care homes on DLA. They haven't cancelled the idea fully yet. But it's still a step in the right direction.

  9. I'll take it as a victory Stephen!! I think you might be first to spot it too, thanks very much.

    Hopefully they'll listen to the worst excesses in other disability areas too - then what will I write about??

    Oh yeah, back to reforming patient care.....

  10. Don't worry. Call me cynical, but I think you'll have material for years to come.

    And Lib Dem Voice deserve the credit for that one I think.

  11. As satire goes, this really is a gift of a coalition. If there was still a Spitting Image, they'd be funnier than their own puppets.

  12. I see the Tories have also removed those stress or lie detectors from the DWP as well.

    getting to like the Tories a small bit more, but I still hate them 99%.

  13. Really Robert? Do you have a link? That's very good news.

  14. Agree with every word of this Sue BG Xx

  15. The devil is in the detail and if someone who is unfit for work is told to work or lose his benefits is plainly wrong. Yes you can appeal which takes many months and if at appeal you lose you'll end up with nothing
    Some people will end up with nothing who are unfit for work and it's to those people we need to look out for as IDS isn't going to

    At the end of the day is is all down to your local atos medical you'll either be judged as unfit or not with no redress and in the meantime you'll have to suffer all the stress that goes with it which is very debilitating and with a debilitating illness one will ask the question is it worth going on and for some the answer will be no

  16. Sopitting Image puppets would be fun, but who would want the job of putting their hand up IDS' bum!!! :-(

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  17. The bill is extremely vague and leaves almost all the details to be prescribed by regulations. That means secondary legislation laid down by the Secretary of State with minimal parliamentary scrutiny.

    There is still the power there to make regulations to cut housing costs after a year, or just about any other provision you can dream up, such as time limiting them entirely. In fact clause 6(1)(a) is so vague it allows virtually any rules on entitlement to be prescribed at all.

    Not that parliamentary scrutiny is that good any way. Some MPs apparently thought all housing benefit claimants got £400 a week in the last debate.

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  20. Great great comment Simon,thank you.

    To be honest, I don't think I'd be writing anything praising IDS today :(

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